Friday, 9 March 2012

Photoshoot Girls

Sarah is given the assignment of taking photos of Brad for a men's fitness magazine. She's excited about the job...the last time she worked with Brad she ended up on her knees. 

She knows Brad has a weakness for large chests, and she knows that even though she herself is well-endowed, her shy assistant Emma has even bigger assets...the biggest Sarah has ever seen. 

She decides to give Brad the ultimate pleasure for a busty-lover. She and Emma work the fitness stud until he unloads over their big tits. 

Sarah and her huge-busted assistant Emma are on assignment again, this time in the Bahamas to take photos for an adult magazine spread. Unable to fit into a bikini because of her oversized assets, Emma must wear a tight T-shirt sporting the adult production company’s name. When the shots are done, the two girls take a boat to a hidden beach to catch some sun. 

They soon find they are not alone on the beach. Two young British men have anchored their boat in the cove and are more than willing to chat to the two sexy women. When they see the name of the adult production company on Emma’s straining T-shirt, they know these girls are not just here on vacation. 

Still horny from the adult magazine shoot, Sarah and Emma give the boys a holiday of a lifetime, and show them some landmarks that are desperate to be explored.

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